10.06.09 Peter Ekwiri back in Sweden!

In 2003 Glänta magazine travels to Ghana in order to make a new issue.

Aleksander Motturi and Cecilia Parsberg met Peter Ekwiri, one of the many Asylum seekers who were deported to Ghana despite the fact that he fled to Sweden from Sudan. They met him in a former slave forts in Accra which now works as a prison where he had been imprisoned for three years without trial.

This meeting was also one of the main reasons that the Clandestino Festival began eight years ago.

Peter Ekwiri is now back in Sweden, and the case is once again relevant, as he is threatened with a new deportation order, without means of redress, for the abuse that Swedish authorities exposed him to.

Clandestino Talks will on the occasion of this present one public testimony from him in hopes of shedding new light on the Swedish refugee policy practice.

Cecilia Parsberg is since 2003 a member of the editing board for GLÄNTA a journal of History of Ideas, Philosophy, Literature and Fine Arts: www.glanta.org