Suggestion, a videoinstallation shown at Schaper Sundberg Gallery in Stockholm and L.A Gallery in Umeå, Sweden 1997.

A video projector shows a super-8 film in a small black room. It’s an endless loop of a 2 min. film. The sound of a film projector is quite high and there are also a few sounds from the woman who was running the film projector when it was filmed on video.

The projection shows a woman rolling her head, but instead of that her hair spreads out, it encloses her head. The film is shown backwards.

The woman looks as if she’s in the grip of three forces: firstly the one which she’s generating herself by rolling her head, secondly the one which is the opposite to the centrifugal force (a force that strives to the center) and thirdly the one from the woman who starts the projector over and over again with a sigh.