Installation view: Göteborgs Museum, Sweden 24/1 – 1/3 1998

Applause, 1998.

I work with a reciever during the realization of the piece. What is interesting in this method is that I cannot control the answers. In this way I push the limits for my private space and for that I have to take the consequences. It is not possible to applaud with one hand.

On a large back-projection screen (2.5 X 3m.), hanging freely from the ceiling in the middle of the dark room the bodies of the man and woman are creating an applause with their movements.

The upright intercourse was filmed by a third person pulling the camera in a circle around the couple. The couple is filmed from the waist up. The size of the room in the film is the same as the exhibition room (150m2). The screen in the exhibition space shows the video on both sides, and the viewer may move around the screen in the same way as the camera had filmed the couple.

The filmed intercourse starts in real time, gradually slows down, then gradually speeds up again and ends in real time.

The duration of the original take is 30 mins. but the final length of the screened video is three times longer than the original take: 1 hour and 37 minutes. Both video (picture) and audio (sound) were fed through four computers non-stop during a period of two weeks rendering a special gradual motion effect whereby two thirds of the video, two thirds of the facial expressions and movements of the couple, have frame by frame been generated by the computer.

Cyberspace does not exist as a space, it could however exists as soon as one acts. This is communication.