My work is contextually situated, relational, performative, politically informed, and articulate an artistic view on challenges that are also existential, political and aesthetic.

Bokmässan/Forskartorget 2020 Hur kan bilder synliggöra gränsområden och utmana gränser?”

The dissertation ”How Do You Become a Successful Beggar in Sweden? An inquiry into the images of begging and giving 2011 to 2016.”, is available in Swedish and English on and consists of nine text chapters and six works of art.


A Place in Europe, (below) a film sculpture for public sites (for updates check:

The Chorus of Begging and The Chorus of Giving (below) the installation at Strömparterren, Stockholm, August 2019. It is a chorus dialogue, for public sites, street screenings and art sites.






”Cecilia Parsberg’s artistic practice have often brought her towards the hazardous and complex but important and necessary political undertaking in speaking about the other, the marginalized or underprivileged of society (engaging both sexual, social and political displacement and suppression in her work), or the underdogs in political conflict; generating challenging works of art, blending documentation and activism, where often the artist herself is present as witness, investigator, mediator, supporter.” (2006 Jan-Erik Lundström, BildMuseet, Umeå)

until_death2Until Death Do Us Part, Johannesburg, 2000.

This is an archive of my works (see the menu to the upper right)

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