Wrestling, 1998.

Click here to see the film  (5:24mins.) John and Mary met through a contact add some years ago. John is a retired pilot in the US Airforce and Mary is a Masseur. Every Sunday they meet up with their friends to wrestle.

This is a filmed wrestling contest between a man and a woman. The are both technically skilled wrestlers and often participate in official competitions. Today, as every Sunday, they practice together with their friends. The couple enjoy this match. In order to win, one of them has to take a deadly grip of the other and the other to give up. What makes their match special is that they wrestle naked and they are in this way official that they have a love-relationship. One can see that there is a caring of each other, a tenderness and a vulnerability, as in lovemaking.

In the sports there are rules and the goal is to win. In relationships there are also rules or rather precepts and norms, but the idea is to reach a win-win situation where mutual interests and needs meet; we care for one another.

The society is a community of relationships. There is sometimes a fine line between win and win-win in a relationship.