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    The wall

    20 May 2003

    updated 2006 11 10 by

    Networking on the Wall
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    The International Art on the Wall
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    Dialogue between two resists totalitarianism. (Luce Irigaray)
    The building of the wall rejects even the idea that a dialogue between the two parties would be possible.
    The news that a wall is being built by Israel on Palestinian land worried us.
    We decided to find out more about the wall and what it is all about. A wall is a concept that can be defined in a multitude of ways, it can mark some sort of a border, it can be the demarcation for a house, it can be a fence between two neighbors, between two countries, between two territories, it closes in something and at the same time it shuts some things out. We are approaching this issue knowing that a wall can imply different meanings: an agreement or a conflict, a manifestation of a difference in opinions or in living conditions, a fence to protect and secure or an obstacle to climb and disrupt. It is also important to understand that a wall has different psychological meanings and interpretations. A wall can be understood as a physical manifestation of a reality where walls are built on many levels  geographical, cultural, technological, mental, philosophical and legal.
    We, who have made this site, have been raised under the shadow of walls, the physical Berlin wall, the legal and cultural South African Apartheid wall, the virtual and philosophical Iron Wall. Some of the old walls are falling down and new walls are erected. Europe is secluding itself from immigrants from Africa, Asia and South America. The globalization issue is widening the rift between those who want to raise walls and the partisans of the open borders.
    The planned wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories is going to be longer and wider and higher than the wall that divided East Berlin from West Berlin. The wall rises several questions: Who are building it? Why is it built? How will it affect daily life on each side of the wall? What is the message? We think the international community should discuss these questions.


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