Acoustic space lab Ongoing project gathering artists and technicians experimenting with sound and webart.

Homi Bhabha
Stanford University site related to the work and study of Homi Bhabha, born in India and working at Stanford

Alien 2 a project about inmigration and borders, created by the artists heidrun & karin holzfeind

Border Crossings
Webb project at the University of Iowa about Diaspora, Gender and Cyborgs

The Art Book Exhaustive collection of books about Art and Culture. Good reviews and comments. Donna Haraway
Links and articles about the work of Donna Haraway, professor in feminist theory and techoscience
Art Crimes A memorial of iconoclastic features. Queertheory
A vast resource for Queerstudies and activism
Arts & Letters A daily summary of cultural news, art and literature. Gayatri Spivak
Resource for the study of the Indian scholar Gayatri Spivak, who works in the field of postcolonial studies
Art and thinking: E-zine The University of Andalucias cultural e-zine, bilingual in English and Spanish. A broad covering of Arabics artists and movements. Slavoj Zizek
A good resource for the study of the work of the Slovenian scholar. Many online articles.
The Atlas Group explores the contemporary history of Lebanon with the help of documents, photos and recorded material  
Borderhack Online exhibition about Tijuana and San Diego and the abolishing of the borders  
Centro de Arte
Contemporáneo Wilfredo Lam
Organizers of the Havana Biennial.  
Cimam International Commitee of ICOM for Museums and Collections of Modern Art, discussion about the role of the Museums.  
Coco Fusco Coco Fusco is an artist working in New York with mexican activists. Founder of the forum Undercurrents.  
Contemporary Arab Women's Art A exhibition and a book with a selection of Arab contemporary women artists  
Critical Art ensemble

Five artists combining art and activism

Dialogue for progressive community New media artists working with political art and activism  
Diego Rivera Web Museum The Mexican painter Diego Rivera and his artistic legacy.  
Digital Art Lab Israels leading digital art lab, dealing with art and testimony  
Digital Art Source A useful collection of links and reviews related to digital art and new media  
Foundation for Digital Culture A non-profit organization promoting the exploration of the new digital space  
Furtherfield Org Collaboration between thinkers, artists and writers working with contemporay art and activism  
La red de promotorers culturales
del Caribe y América del Sur
Portal for cultural promotors in Caribe and South America, invitations to festivals and exchanges  
Mots Pluriels French e-zine with focus on African issues, society, politic and art.  
OnRamp Arts Los Angeles based artist collective working with local communities  
Platform5_Documenta11 Exhibition of Contemporary Art in the german city of Kassel.  
Rhizome A community of global new media artists, mailing lists, discussions and events  
The Thing

New York based artist collective working with new media and documentary issues

Tour d' Ivoire Portal of webart, Russian and English.  
Universes in Universe German project of promotion of contemporary art, reviews of exhibitions and events  
Witte de With Dutch Center for Contemporary Art, involved in the longterm project "Contemporary Arab representations".  
Woman hackers artproject and links by Cornelia Sollfrank