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The project initiated by the curator Catherine David, "Contemporary Arab Representations" goes now to Irak. The Iraqui Equation is showed at the Kunst Verke in Berlin between December 18 2005 and 26 February 2006. Photographers, artists and other intellectuals discuss the destruction of the cultural patrimony in Iraq and the consequences of the war for Iraqs cultural life. Seminars, exhibitions and filmmakers deal with the complex situation in the region.

Link to the article "Black Box Baghdad. Destruction and Diaspora: The exhibition "The Iraqi Equation" at Berlin’s Kunst-Werke seeks access to the cultural life of Iraq", written by Daniel Baz for taz newspaper, die tageszeitung.



"Know that the holy places are being shamelessly desecrated. Stop fighting each other! If it is blood you want, bathe then in the blood of the unbelievers! Soldiers from Hell, become warriors of the living God!" At first sight, one might expect this text to have originated from a radical Islamic website. But, in fact, it’s a piece of propaganda, around 900 years old, composed by European Christians, who were trying to recruit soldiers for the First Crusade in the late 11th century. The exhibition was shown at the Catharijneconvent in Utrecht, Netherlands, until the 6 January 2006.



the telegraph - calcutta

Lord Gilmour of Craigmillar tells the reporter his opinions about the Middle East, the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the founding of the state of Israel, the war in Irak and the Crusades, then and now.



baltic crusaders - in latvia, lithuania and estonia The German knights established their first foothold in Riga in 1201, and over the next decades imposed their rule over most of the rest of the region. With Riga firmly in their hands, much of the crusader activity focused on Estonian tribes to the north who fiercely resisted the attacks from Riga. Often Estonian tribes themselves sacked Christian settlements. Naval battles were common among the seafaring crusaders and Estonians.

Excerpt of Henry of Livonia's Chronicles, 1227 .



albigensian crusade - wikipedia

The Albigensian Crusade , 1209-1229, was a brutal 20-year military campaign initiated by the Roman Catholic Church to eliminate the religion practiced by the Cathars of Languedoc, which the Roman Catholic hierarchy considered heretical. It is historically significant for a number of reasons: the violence inflicted was extreme even by medieval standards; the church offered legally sanctioned dominion over conquered lands to northern French nobles and the King of France, acting as essentially Catholic mercenaries, who then nearly doubled the size of   France, acquiring regions which at the time had closer cultural and language ties to Catalonia. Finally, the Albigensian Crusade had a role in the creation and institutionalization of the Medieval Inquisition.

In such way describe Vikipedia the Crusade against the Cathars,



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The Arab Image Foundation is a golden mine of images from the Arab countries, historical documents showing a changing world and the crossroad where several cultures converge.